We are now officially in the energy of the FULL MOON LUNAR Eclipse.

The Sabian symbol for this cycle is “The Dawn of a New Day Reveals Everything Changed.”

New beginnings are in the air as we’ve moved through all the signs of the zodiac to start again with Aries. Now we’ve been gifted with energy to act upon what was seeded on the New Moon (March 8th).

Test Time
This is a pivotal time when what you seeded on the NEW MOON (March 8th) gets tested. If your ideas are coming from fear – they will quickly dissolve.

What are the inspirational seed thoughts that have been coming to you this year?
Do your ideas serve the whole of humanity?
Are they in your highest and best interest?
Do they come from love or fear?

On this Full Moon – you must drop your biggest fear.

To identify your fear is to answer the following question:

” I would follow my dream but ______”

Whatever comes after ‘but’ is your fear. It always involves a sense of lack.

“But Thoughts” come from the EGO.

Typical “but thoughts” are  “But I don’t have enough money”, “But how would I support myself?”, “After my kids are gone”, “But my partner wouldn’t like it”,  “But people in my life would disprove”, “But I am not qualified”…

All of these “but thoughts” are your fears generated by the EGO. All are a delay tactic to keep you from your higher purpose. They are not real – just a test!

What to do? 

Watch this video to find out more about this lunar eclipse and what’s going on in the Neutrino Stream.

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