Releasing You From the Maya 

The Lunar Eclipse (July 27, 2018)  was  about letting go of karmic debt in some area in your life.You are finishing up old programs and an old storyline, This is to make room for something completely NEW.

The shadow pattern that is moving is Fantasy (41st GK) that I talked a bit about in a previous video.  This is the only GK out of 64 that sits entirely by itself. This Gene KEY is the Initiator of all things new that manifest in the physical world. It is the ending and the beginning all at the same time.

There are areas in your life where this shadow keeps you from seeing clearly – it’s your blind spot and it will be revealed during the time of the Eclipse.

 Post Lunar Eclipse Self-Care

The release of old karmic programs happens at the cellular level and this means that your blood and cells get regenerated.

Rest More.  It’s normal for you to feel fatigue and have less energy than usual.Your body is doing a lot of work behind the scenes to integrate this energy.

Trust Your Body . You may have cravings for salty foods or high protein foods or to not eat at all. Trust your body knows best and is directing you to what you need to replenish your body.

Patience. You may be feeling irritable for no apparent reason. These emotions rooted in anger are triggering you to let go of something buried deep within you. It could be a belief system, a judgement or an undigested trauma. Be patient and sit with it and it will move through some sort of emotional release.

Turn Limitation into Liberation. Where in your life do you feel the most limited? This is where your Soul is calling you to Surrender which means to give up control to the Divine. Your Soul wants you to be free of an karmic burden.  Remind yourself that everything is in perfect order even though you may not understand the reasons behind it all.

Solitude. Put yourself first and spend some quiet alone time in meditation, prayer or journalling. The answers you seek are found in silence,

Chant Mantra.  Put your palms together in prayer pose and chant long Sat Nam for 5 mins. This meditation is in the video below. When you vibrate Sat Nam (Truth is my identity) – everything not Your Authentic Self falls away.

How Does the Lunar Eclipse Affect You?

The shadow of fantasy will affect you personally in certain areas of your life. In this video I go through the 41st GK Shadow  through each one of the 12 signs of the Zodiac. Listen to your Rising Sign, Moon Sign and Sun Sign. Each sign is time stamped so you can go straight to your section. But listen to the Introduction first as it applies to everyone.

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Scroll to these times to see how the Lunar Eclipse will affect You:

Tune In – Introduction 0:00 Meditation – 5:04 Aquarius- 24:24 Pisces – 29:16 Aries – 34:40 Taurus – 38:01 Gemini – 40:47 Cancer – 43:46 Leo – 46:46 Virgo – 50:05 Libra – 52:36 Scorpio – 55:20 Sagittarius – 1:00:33 Capricorn –1:03:43



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