Life seems to be speeding up demanding more and more from us. People are now experiencing major life changes such as relocation, new career, divorce or marriage, births, deaths, loss or gain of money, health challenges, or extreme changes in diet.  The Aquarian Age is defined by change and it’s not going to let up.

So, you may as well embrace it!

One of the Greatest Teachers of Change for us is WATER.

5 Things You Can Learn From Water To Manage Change:

1. Creative

If a stream of water finds an obstacle in its path – it doesn’t whine and say “ I can’t do it. I’m too broken – I’ll just wait here until it goes away”. No. Water always finds another way. It moves around or over the obstacle. Remember, one of the sutras of the Aquarian Age is There is a Way Through Every Block. Don’t let challenges and obstacles stop you – tap into your creativity and find a way.

2. Become Mutable

Water can change its state to liquid , solid or gas depending on the environment. Be responsive to the Universe – be ready to transform yourself in this lifetime. The Universe may call on you at any time to drop and switch roles. Perhaps you lost your job after working for many years in the non-profit sector. When seeking new work – don’t discount the corporate world. Reinventing yourself is not so far fetched – be open to something completely different!

3. Keep Moving

Running water is always healthy and pure. Stagnant water festers and becomes dried up and disappears. You must keep growing and expanding. Practice the art of detachment – don’t hold on to the past – let go and keep moving on.

4. Journeys Back to the Source

All water eventually goes back to the sea. It is important to remember that we too are making the journey back to our source – Infinity. Stay connected with your inner light so you know which choices will take you to your final destination. Go with the flow of life – it is taking you somewhere beautiful !

5. Strength In Numbers

A single drop of water on its own doesn’t wield much power. However, many drops of water bonded together creates one of the most powerful forces on the planet. Think of the incredible power of the ocean. Do not isolate. When experiencing changes surround yourself with like-minded people who uplift and inspire you to your highest potential. Feel the strength and support of a conscious community.

Yogic Exercise for Change

The second chakra is ruled by the element of water. Sat Kriya will help you to balance the second chakra. This simple exercise will assist you to integrate the powerful energies of the Aquarian Age and tap into your creativity. Sat Kriya is a complete yoga set in itself and only takes 3 mins !

YouTube Video – Practice Sat Kriya ( 3 mins)



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