There have been plenty of doomsday predictions surrounding the mysterious Mayan Calendar. Hollywood jumped on board with a 2012 movie linking Mayan calendar prophecies with a catastrophic end of the world. The Mayans tells us that the world will not end – it will be transformed.

The Mayan Calendar is not really a calendar per se but a measurement of the evolution of consciousness. It is depicted as a pyramid that has been divided into 9 steps, levels or waves. Each wave of consciousness contains a focus – what we are learning so that we can progress to the next wave of consciousness.

Here are the 9 Waves of Consciousness with start date and purpose:

1. Cellular – started 16 Billion Year Ago – Action/Reaction
2. Mammalian – 820 millions years ago – Stimulus/Response
3. Familial – started 41 million years ago – Individual
4. Tribal – 2 million year ago – the Mind
5. Cultural – 102,000 years ago – Reason
6. National – 3,115 BC – Law
7. Planetary – 1755 AD – Power
8. Galactic – Jan 4, 1999 – Ethics
9. Unity – March 9, 2011 – Co-creation

In addition each wave is then divided into 13 equal segments that are called days and nights . 1st day, 1st night, 2nd day, 2nd night etc. These days and night describe how quickly change comes to us. For instance, in the time of the Cellular Wave, change would happen at a rate of every 1.2 billion years. The rate of change of the days and nights increase with each progression of new waves of consciousness.

If we go back to the Planetary Wave from 1755 – 1999, dramatic changes in consciousness happened every 20 years. During this wave of consciousness we were learning about power – power was collected and held by few people in the world. Two important markers during this cycle were the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and when corporations were granted by the law the rights of an individual person and therefore not held accountable for their actions.

Since 1999, a great change in consciousness has happened every year. Think of the person you were in 1999? Who were your friends? What were you doing? You are probably a radically different person today. The Galactic Wave (Jan, 4 1999 – March 9, 2011) is about Ethics – everything coming into integrity. Anything not in integrity must go. We are seeing this expressed as citizens of the Middle East tear down corrupt governments. All the secrets and lies are coming to the surface with Wikileaks. Religions, corporations, and public figures are being exposed wherever there is hypocrisy. This cycle is also about the advancement of technology which has played a major role in disseminating information around the globe.

This is why it feels as though time is speeding up. It is actually creation and consciousness that is speeding up with more happening, more being born, in less time.

Starting in March 9th, 2011 we begin the Unity Wave of Consciousness where great change happens every 18 days!

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