We have been tracking the journey through the very last wave of consciousness in the Mayan Calendar : First Day ( March 9 – 26, 2011) , Second Day (April 14 – May 1, 2011). We are now fully in – what is called – the 3rd Day (May 20 – June 7, 2011) of this Unity wave. This is a time when seeds planted earlier in the year, begin to sprout in the fertile soil of the Aquarian Age.  Are you starting to see the manifestation of new ideas that were initiated in March, 2011?

The 3rd Day is also about witnessing the Truth burst through the surface of our psyche.  Have you ever tried to hold a balloon under water?  Eventually, it comes to the surface despite all of our efforts.

During this time, you may feel you just don’t have the energy to resist or deny the truth.  Where once you could turn away, ignore or deny something ~ now it is no longer tolerable to live in anything short of absolute truth.  Perhaps, you can no longer talk yourself out of your feelings about your unfulfilling job or relationship.  The habits that are no longer serving your Soul’s Journey don’t have the same effect.  The voice of your emotional self can no longer be silenced.  It is now more painful to stay in an old way of being than to walk into the great unknown. This is an important process of healing to expose the wound so that it can heal.

3rd Day energy  exposes failing human systems that block human evolution. Globally, we are realizing the Truth that Nuclear Power is neither sustainable nor responsible. Germany is leading the charge by committing to be nuclear free by 2022.   Many U.S. soldiers are taking great risks to expose the truth about the conflicts in the Middle East

Major events that happened during the last  3rd day of the Planetary Wave, (1834 – 1854) were the  anti slavery and women’s suffrage movements. Also the U.S. civil war was fought during our world’s last 3rd Night* of a Planetary Wave.  Humanity could not  evolve with the presence of  human slavery and the time had come for it to end. The war represented the  resistance to change and lasted for five years and took more than 600,000 deaths to finally come to conclusion.

Change happens with our without our consent. We only control the degree of suffering experienced as we evolve.

The 3rd Day is about seeing your life in Truth – bringing all dynamics into the Light of Awareness.  Everything in your life is now up for re-evaluation. This time can feel like the longing of the child to mature and grow up. As a humanity, we are evolving at an astronomical rate into Spiritual Adulthood.  This means ruthlessly looking in truth at our lives up until now and taking full responsibility for what we have created. Cleaning up any areas of hypocrisy and untruth will allow you to move forward with grace and ease.

*The night is about the manifestation of resistance of the awareness the day brings.

5 Things to Focus on During this Time

1. Don’t Be the Ostrich

If the Universe is showing you something in Truth – don’t look away or pretend it’s not there. Change brings confusion. Simply admitting that you are confused about something can move the energy and bring in more Light.  There is no need to take action until you are clear – just bring it fully into your awareness and know that you can handle the Truth.

2. Be Flexible

Be firm, and yet, be flexible. It is the tree that is bends with the wind that survives the storm.  Try to do things differently – for instance if you eat every day at 5:00 pm – listen to your body and eat only when you are hungry.  Be more in the flow of creation.

3. Be Open

Let go of outdated ideas you may have about yourself. Maybe you are not the kind of person you’ve always thought yourself to be. The conditioned mind can only tell you about your past experiences – it is not equipped to be the authority for the choices you make today.

4. Control is Futile

When Truth starts to arise – the changes can create seemingly big messes in our lives. Trying to control the external is futile – the only control you have is how you respond to these changes. Let these things not in truth crumble and then see what is left – what remains will be in Truth for you.

5. Balance the Emotions

As we enter the Aquarian Age, our self-sensory system is awakening which is directly connected to our emotions.  The time of not feeling our emotions is over –  let them flow freely.

Here is a  Quick Meditation you can practice to Balance the Emotions

Place your arms across the chest and lock hands under the armpits, palms open and against the body.

Raise the shoulders up tight reaching toward the earlobes

Apply Neck Lock by tucking the neck in toward the chest with the spine straight.

Eyes are closed.

Concentrate on how the breath changes automatically in this position.

Pulling the shoulders up toward the ears and tightly locking the entire area creates a solid break to the four sides of the brain. After 2 or 3 minutes, thoughts will be there, but one does not feel them. This is a very effective method of balancing the brain.
To end, relax the hands down, sit quietly and enjoy your inner space of peace. You will notice that you have created a space independent of your rational mind. Your mind will still have thoughts and you can observe them, but you can choose to be in your peaceful space or neutral mind.
The breath will automatically become slow.

Continue for 3-5 minutes.



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