According to the Mayan Calendar, the 1st Night of Unity Consciousness (March 27 – April 13, 2011) is now complete. This was a time of rest when new seeds were placed in the fertile soil of the Aquarian Age. You may have experienced this time as more internal, compounded by feelings of fatigue, low productivity loss of appetite, doubts about the future or a drop in finances.

Now we have officially entered Day 2 of the Unity Consciousness Wave. This time is called germination. You are coming back into the light – energy is abundant and flows once more. During the 2nd Day, your ideas are energized and on the move. The seeds you planted in March have sprouted, pushed through the soil and two new green leaves emerge. You may have experienced a major breakthrough of awareness during this last cycle. You will now start to feel your potential expanding beyond the limiting beliefs of the ego.

What new ideas and dreams have started to sprout in your life? What direction are you choosing?

How to Focus Your Energy on During Day 2 (April 14 – May 1, 2011)

Choose Peace Over Conflict
The second day of each wave of consciousness typically brings conflict and civil unrest. While we have seen the seeds of this in North Africa and in the United States it is likely this will intensify, both globally and in our own lives. We will experience ‘US’ versus ‘THEM’ energy. If you are in conflict with others – that person is reflecting the conflict that lives within your own mind. Be part of the solution and emanate peace and love to all your fellow humans.

Manage Your Energy

Be mindful of how you spend all of this energy coming to you. It is easy to become distracted and sidetracked by other people’s demands. Keep your focus on using this energy to nourish the seeds YOU planted in March. When May 2nd comes around – energy will become low again.

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