Since last week you may have experienced that everything has slowed down to a crawl – tasks that used to be easy to accomplish now take much longer. Details are slipping by you.  The ocean of red tape seems to have come out of nowhere. There can also be major problems with communication – misunderstanding others or being misunderstood. Electronics and computers may have been hacked by the mercury retrograde gremlins. Losing important files, e-mails, or appointments. Mercury rules the left- logical-planning side of the brain so this period will affect its proper functioning.

The day of the launching of the mercury retrograde,  i gave an 1.5 hr reading and afterwards went to compress the recording of the file only to find that it was not recognized by any of my applications. Never happened before. Is it a mystery ? No – this is a perfect example of Mercury Retrograde.

It’s always best to ride the horse in the direction it is going. It is wise not to fight and resist this energy – rather learn to ride it and let it work for you.

Mercury Retrograde Care Plan Until July 20, 2013

Greater Purpose of Mercury Retrograde

Retrogrades are when the planetary energies are not working as usual. A mercury retrograde is a wonderful opportunity to go inward to the Self. This is a time for you to have a deep meaningful communication with yourself. How are you feeling about your Life ? How do you feel about the people in your life ? How do you feel about your career, your health, and your primary relationships? You will be amazed as you go deeper into yourself that what you thought was true for you is no longer true.

Conscious Communication

During this time, choose to stay conscious when talking with people or else there could be consequences. This is not a time to be flippant or careless in your communication with others – especially loved ones. Everything you say will have an emotional charge since Mercury is in the sign of Cancer. No need to be the inauthentic politician filtering every word – just be in your heart.

Computer Breakdowns

When the computer is crashing and you have a deadline to deliver by the end of the day – this is not an opportunity for YOU to have a breakdown. We are very merged with our gadgets and it will make things worse when you become stressed. Stay calm and expect only the best.

Follow the Energy

Sometimes things don’t work out because they’re not supposed to ! If there seems to be a block in your life stop and ask yourself, “Well where is the energy right now?” There is somewhere else the universe wants you to focus your energy and you will start to feel the flow again. You are training yourself to be in the Aquarian Age where you are becoming more and more sensitive to energy and listening less to the clamouring of the mind.

Buddhi Mudra

If you find that you are grasping for the words to speak and having difficulties talking to others. Try this quick yogic technique to be clear and heard by others. Press the tip of your thumb to the pad of your little finger before you speak. In a meeting you can hold the mudra under the table so no one can see you and who cares if they do !




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