Become more powerful and come out of the Spiritual Closet.


Are you still hiding in the Spiritual Closet pretending to be small and powerless to change your life ?  Well it is time bust a move !  You are energetically supported as Jupiter prepares to move out of the watery emotional sign of Cancer (July 16) and  into the firey sign of  LEO for t13 months.

Through the awakening of the emotional body this past year-  you will now know what and who is important in your life. 

Make the Leap into the Void and the net shall appear – the support of the Divine will be with you. Now is the Time to Trust !

There is a popular zen story about a lion cub that was raised by sheep. As he grew up , he believed he was a sheep – he wouldn’t roar because the sheep didn’t like it – he don’t draw too much attention to himself because he only wanted to fit in . He made himself small trying to be the same size as the sheep – he never showed his power because it upset the rest of the sheep. He always followed the herd – never went on his own because he was taught it was not safe for him to leave the herd. Deep down he knew he was different but he made himself wrong – he only longed to be just like the herd. Until an old lion saw him and took the scared lion to the pond so that he could finally see his reflection and taught him to roar.

That old Lion is like the Evolutionary Consciousness that is showing you yourself now – showing you your True Identity. Each one of us is a Lion but you are holding on to this belief that you are a sheep. Who me ? The herd says i am full of myself – i am arrogant – i am delusional if i show my power.

This planet is run by sheep. This planet is a prison of sorts that enslave us all. The guards are your teachers, your external authority figures – even your friends your family – your school – your workplace – your religion – whose job it is to keep you a sheep. The Prison Warden then becomes your own Mind through your life’s conditioning.

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