The New Moon moved into Pisces in the Shadow of Turbulence and the gift of Compassion.

This is showing us that we need to make our Emotions our new BFF. Turbulence is the nervousness you feel when you face the uncertainty of your life. Turbulence is to feel high voltage emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety, panic, or deep sadness.   The shadow of Turblulence keeps you running from your inner pain by either attracting crisis after crisis in your life. The shadow makes you unable to relax – you can’t keep still

The gift of Compassion comes when you stop and face your inner pain. Feel it completely until the end and you claim the gift of humanity. Humanity is when we realize that we are similar in the way that we all suffer. Every human being suffers on this planet and this is what holds us together as One.  And of course, how can compassion not come when you realize that everyone is hurting in some way. Beneath the illusion of our separatedness, we are each in our own little battle.


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