The New Moon is sending Good News our way. Evolutionary Light is reaching us from the Galactic Centre.

It’s been a tough year and it’s felt like we’ve been in a tunnel of darkness for quite awhile. Well that’s about to change!  The New Moon is in the gift of Idealism and the Siddhi of Light. It is also a part of a family of Gene Keys called The Ring of Light. This governs the way that we receive, store and transmute light into energy. And guess what – every single one of these Gene Keys is present and sits in the 9th House of the Astrology Chart which is all about Spirituality and Truth!

So today and onward we have the opportunity to receive this flood of evolutionary light coming from the Galactic Centre. The New Moon is in direct alignment with the Galactic Core.

The video that I am sending you will clearly and simply illustrate the importance of the event. And the qualities that you need to adopt to take advantage of this energy. Be warned I `’geek out” on the patterns and get “woo woo” but it all comes back to grounded spirituality.

How has this New Moon affected You?  Please Leave Your Comments Below:



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