Envision Your Future

We are in an auspicious time  – fast approaching the halfway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. February 2, Ground Hog Day,  was  traditionally called Imbolc and was a time of divination – where we would gaze into the fire and inuit what the future holds for us.  Today, the New Moon is in Aquarius and is supporting us to look objectively at our lives and envision our future.

Added to this, the symbol for the Chinese New Year, that begins January 31, is the Horse which is all about action. You may be already feeling the intensity of the energy building and gaining momentum for you to take Action this year.

Rebirth and Renewal 

To take advantage of this precious window of time –  quietly take stock  of your life before taking action.

Ask your intuition, “Where am i going this year?”  “What activities must i energize in my life to move me forward ?”  Trust the answers that you are hearing.

The Universe only requires that you Show Up as Yourself Each and Every Moment.

If you refuse to step un in your Life  and take responsibility for your creation, you may experience depression, a sense of hopelessness or resentment and anger. These are signs for you to step out of victim consciousness and take your role as the co-creator.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

With the Horse Energy coming in fast and furious life can feel overwhelming – so many things to do and so little time.  Practice this 3 mins Kundalini Yoga Meditation to Prevent Freaking Out.  It will  quickly calm your mind down and soothe your nervous system.




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