Powerful Energy Week!

New Moon is on March 6th, less than 8 hours after Uranus (the great awakener) switches into the sign of Taurus for the next 7 years. There will be a mass collective awakening to focus our energies upon our sense of self-value, self-love, healing the Earth, organic food, clean water and air, our material resources and so much more!

Neptune says, “Dream Big”

The new Moon is kissing the Sun and Neptune which says that a portal is being opened from the invisible world to the material world. This says that our power of manifestation is being amplified this month. What is your dream beyond mere survival? How do you want to serve humanity? What is your Soul Purpose? How do you want to FEEL when you wake up in the morning?  Let your expansive Soul guide you not your limited ego.

Venus says, “Get clear on your Values”

Venus is also in the 41st GK which is the start codon that rules all new beginnings. This indicates a cycle that goes beyond just a month. What do you value? Are living your values? What about your relationships? Are they uplifting your consciousness or dragging you into your shadow patterns?

The Human Sacred Wound is Releasing

Mercury Retrograde is in the shadow of constriction (25th GK) for the next 3 weeks. Chiron has been sitting there too for a while. The sacred wound lives tightly wrapped around our DNA. This is  our fear of survival made manifest – it’s the tightness that we feel in our shoulders, upper back, chest and solar plexus region. This shadow makes us shallow breathe and constricts out thinking.

Where in your Life will this Sacred Wound (Fear)  play out?  

Watch my latest video to learn more about this energy and where you will be tested to release this fear based on your astrology sign – Rising, Moon and Sun.

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