New Moon – Power of Listening – 13th GK

The New Moon sits in the 13th GK providing us with a snapshot of the next lunar cycle. 

The number 13 has been feared  throughout our history even with some buildings missing a 13thfloor! There is a deep suspicion that the number 13 is unlucky. Why? The number 13 is connected to the Divine Feminine. In the collective unconscious of humanity there is deep fear for the Divine Feminine

Black Moon Lilith is set for Revolution 

She represents the repressed feminine and what is stirring in the collective of humanity and she’s in the 49thGK which is REVOLUTION. 

You may feel repressed anger surfacing  especially around gender inequality. You may becoming increasingly intolerant of  men in your life who are abusing their positions of power.

This month we’ll probably be seeing more women rising in anger about the state of the world and the atrocities done to women in the past. Trust Your Anger

No change happens without first feeling the fuel of anger. Trust in the message of anger. Use the New Moon’s 13th GK of deep listening to what is going on inside you at the emotional level. 

Being Spiritual is NOT all about Playing Nicey Nice 
Being spiritual means to be authentic and real. So if you’re feeling angry – be angry. If you’re feeling sad – be sad. Whatever you’re feeling in each moment is what is true for you. It’s only when we repress our authenticity that we suffer. And this attachment to only being a certain way only causes more suffering to yourself and others.  

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