Are you ready for the New Cycle of Human Experience that begins tomorrow – Jan 22, 2018? This is when the rave i-ching wheel moves back to the beginning – into the 41st hexagram which is the start codon found in our human genetics.


This means a very important chapter in your life is coming to a close.


Remember that consciousness is the cause not the effect. We have been experiencing deep inner transformation through the involution of this new Aquarian Consciousness. This is all taking place at the DNA level. So as you’ve changed internally, your external world catches up to reflect this new inner reality. For example, those people, jobs or situations that do not grow or evolve with the person you are becoming will disappear from your reality. There is no amount of human will power that can stop this powerful evolutionary process.


Release the Victim

One of the main shadows that we were releasing last cycle was the victim. This shadow is linked to the Age of Pisces that we are leaving behind. Victim consciousness is insidiuous in how it can undermine your life and steal your power from you. Everything that has happened in this last cycle, you must take responsiblity for calling it in to your field. The victim will say, “Why, why? Or no it’s someone else’s fault – or I’m to blame.” 


The Difference Between Self-Responsiblity and Self-Blame

When you are in victim consciousness you beleive that to take responsbility means to  blame yourself. These two things are completely different and it has to do with frequency. When you’re frequency is low you are in victim. The belief is that I have no power, I have no choice and someone else did this to me. This is not true. When you’re frequency is high, you know that it was you who attracted this experience to you – no matter how painful so that you could grow and evolve. Really this means to learn to love yourself uncondtionally.  


Look With Detatachment

The Sun recently moved into the sign of Aquarius which will give you a sense of detached objectivity. This will give you the ability to look at your life from an elevated perspective without getting bogged down by emotions. It’s important at this time to reflect on the last cycle so that you can truly let go and fully move into this new cycle with an open heart.



Take a One Hr Mini Retreat – Close the Chapter in 5 Steps


Identify the Cycles of Completion


Give yourself an hour or so with a piece of pen and paper.


Begin to write down all the significant events that happened in your life in 2017. Write down who or what disappeared or is almost disappearing from your life. Did you re-locate? Change jobs? Divorce or separate? Changes in your Health? Friends leaving?


You are identifying cycles of your personal human experience that are coming to a close. Check in with yourself to ensure that you do feel closure. For example, if you need to express your authentic truth to someone in your life – do so now – don’t let things go unsaid. You can also do this work at the Soul Level with this person. Before going to sleep at night, set your intention to resolve conflict or any residual karma with this person at the Soul Level.



Clear Your Stuff

Look around at your physical surroundings – your possessions. What energy do they represent? These things can “clog” up your energy flow especially if they are no longer aligned with who you are becoming. If you catch yourself saying “should” – that is a sure sign that these things need to go. For example if you have a set of dumbbells under your bed always meaning to start working out at home and it hasn’t happened – this is clogging new energy that is trying to come in for you. Perhaps, an activity is coming that you truly enjoy but haven’t had the idea or inspiration yet.


Substitute Old Habits with New Habits

You will know exactly what habits you are holding on to that no longer serve you. Perhaps these habits served you at one time but now you have outgrown them. It’s impossible to drop an old habit entirely without replacing it with a new one. For example, I’ve used soda pop to comfort myself when I felt emotionally raw but now my body is communicating to me that it doesn’t like it – especially all that sugar. So as an alternative i use carbonated water with vanilla flavoured stevia. So look at your habits and try to find a suitable alternative that works for you. You can call on your Higher Self to help you with this.


Suffering is Holding On To The Old

Suffering is caused when we try to hold on to the old. Do you feel any attachment to keep things as they were? Are you resisting this change in your life? Does your mind/ego flare up from time to time reflecting on the past? If you are answering yes to any of these questions, then you have not let go at the emotional level.


Here is a good meditation for grief to practice. Before you practice be sure to set your intention to let go of this person, situation, past experience at the cellular level.


New Cycles of Experience


Begin to look at the new cycles that are coming in – seeds of inspiration have been planted into your awareness especially in the last few weeks


What is this new Aquarian Consciousness wanting to express through you ? Write each one down. Does it scare the pants off of you? Good!  This is how we evolve as we continually move past our comfort zones to embrace the “new normal”. This is where your Soul wants you to focus your energy in 2018.


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