The Winter Holidays are typically a time where we gather with friends and family. This can bring friction into the Group Aura that can manifest as arguments, conflict and a rehashing of the past.

Our Family is our BEST Mirror

Our families show us loudly in neon lights  what we need to heal within ourselves. So why not take advantage of this time to do some deep healing work? You not only heal yourself but you heal them too as you are linked through your DNA.

How to Bring Peace to Your Family Gatherings

1. Don’t try to change your family members.
Approach each one as neutral mirror that is reflecting something back to you to be integrated.

2. Resist the Urge to React
It’s the ego that wants to react and engage in conflict. Instead ask yourself the question, “What are they showing me about myself that makes me uncomfortable?”

3. Sit with the Discomfort
Go inside and feel the discomfort until you experience an emotional breakthrough.

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