Today is a mastery day – Nov 11, 2018, and it also adds up to 33. This is a time to go into deep reflection upon your journey thus far.

Lung Problems?

Many people I know have been suffering issues with the lungs. Either the flu, bronchitis, pneumonia or chronic coughing. The lungs represent grief. As a collective, we are going through a huge grieving process as we prepare for the next level in our evolution.

As we enter the Aquarian Age life seems to be moving faster and faster and this means we need to become Masters of Change. All change comes with grief – a deep sorrow over a loss in our lives and also something called Holy Grief. I talk about this in my video (11 mins 11 sec)

I’ve also created a Full Kundalini Yoga Kriya to Release Grief. It includes Kriya to Release Grief, Sadness and Anger and a Meditation for a Grieving Heart. (55 mins) for $9.99 download – yours to own and you can even practice via your smartphone. (smaller sized version)



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