Activate Your Soul Purpose

 Dates: Starts March 4th, 2018

The Number #1  Step to Activating Your Soul Purpose is Healing Your Inner Child.

Humanity is evolving through the emotional body which is the Inner Child. This program will prepare you to go deep into your Soul Purpose.

Are you at a crossroads in your Life?

Yearning to make your work and life more meaningful? But feeling stuck?

Is your physical body showing you that you need to make a change through back pain, headaches and fatigue?

Yes thats a big sign that you are ready to move into a purpose driven life.

Deep down you know that you’re here for a reason, but you have no idea why?

Do you long to know your higher purpose on this planet? Do you want the focus, confidence and clarity of where you need to focus your  energy in the world.

Are you feeling alone and isolated in your struggle? 

Do you long for a community of like-minded and caring people who are in the same boat as you? Do you need support from a compassionate and experienced teacher/guide who will challenge you to be your greatest self?

Are you afraid that you’re wasting your life and that you’ll be filled with regrets and feel like a failure in your old age?

Do you finally want an online program that works? That brings the healing that you are seeking?

Do you have the drive, commitment and discipline to do this personal Spiritual work?

Then you are an excellent  candidate for the 8 Week Online Activate Your Higher Purpose Program!

My Gifts 

  • Help people to see their blind spots – the unconscious patterns that are blocking them from reaching their greatest potential.
  • See the gifts and genius in others.
  • Inspire and empower others to transcend their past conditioning.
  • Simplify and communicate the underlying spiritual laws that govern time and space.
  • Grounded Spirituality.

“Working with Catalyst Yogi was just as fulfilling as I expected. He has incredible talent and is highly gifted in a very deep and unique way. Very, very powerful communicator and one of the most intuitive individuals I have ever had the privilege to work with.” – Guru Amrit Khalsa

Oh Yea, I’ve been there …

  • I know what it’s like to have the “Sunday Anxieties” when thinking about going into a J.O.B. that was not aligned with my Soul.
  • I know what it feels like to compromise my Soul for a pay check and to feel that I had no choice in the matter.
  • I know what it’s like to feel trapped, confused, depressed and hopeless about my future.
  • I Know what it feels like to not believe in myself or value my gifts and not have any human support
  • I know what it is like to procrastinate and postpone all the things I know I should be doing to move forward.

Now I  know that I had these painful experiences so that I could help free others to find their Soul purpose.

Now I feel free and  in control of my schedule, my time and my energy.  I feel that my work is meaningful and that I’m truly helping people with my gifts. I feel like I’m supported by the Divine to be me – I no longer feel the pressure to be someone that I’m not in order to just survive. I’ve been committed full time to my work as Catalyst Yogi since 2005 and have been supported by the Divine every step of the way.

What is this 8 Week Online Program all about?

I’ve been presenting online programs since 2013 and I’ve learned that the people who have weekly contact with me and the group are far more successful than the ones who choose to go off alone and do self-study. In fact, it’s rare that the lone wolves complete the program as its too easy for the ego to sabotage your growth.

In the Aquarian Age we need the group. Real transformation takes place within the group consciousness. Now my programs have even more opportunities for connection with myself and others.

This is a  live program meaning that when you commit you are part of a powerful energetic construct of healing so your life will bring you the lessons you need to transcend your past conditioning. And you’ll  have the tools and support to succeed through the program.

What does it include?

  • 8 Weekly Teaching Videos.(mp4)  ( Average 1 hr )
  • 8 Weekly Teaching Audios (mp3)
  • 8 Weekly Sadhana Videos (KY Meditation Videos  – average 35 mins)
  • 8 Weekly – Reflection Questions (pdf)
  • 8 Group Video Calls Recorded (individual time with me) 
  • 3 Audios that are unique to you according to your Neutrino Stream Chart
  • NEW 2 Recorded One on One Meetings with me (beginning and end of the Program)
  • Membership to a closed Facebook Group
  • Access to all future updates to the program

You own all the content as you can download it to your computer each week.

How does it work?

Each Sunday, program modules are sent out through hightail – a reliable FTP server.

You start your sadhana practice on Monday until Sunday.

Answer your reflection questions through daily writing and take actions if that is required.

Attend weekly group calls. If you are unable to attend you can submit a question to me ahead of time and I will address it on the call. The calls are recorded and sent out each Sunday with your module material.

Participate in the closed private Facebook Group by sharing as much or little as you feel comfortable.

How do the video meetings work?

Each Sunday we meet for 2 hrs or more depending how many people attend. We make a vow of confidentiality to respect each person’s share. Its a safe accepting space to be open about your life.

We begin the meeting by practising a group KY Meditation

Each person has at least 10 -20 mins with me where you share what happened during your week as it relates to the module. Life always brings to you the lesson you need for that module. I then work with you to move through the block. With a powerful group consciousness such as this –  you’ll relate to everyone on the call as if that person were speaking for you!

You are not required to attend the group meetings as each one is recorded for you to listen to later.

Where does the content come from?

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. Course in Miracles, the Gene Keys, Spiritual Psychology and my extensive real world experiences.

Is the program customized to me?

Yes, three modules are unique to you according to your Neutrino Astrology Chart. I also have your chart handy on the weekly video calls and private sessions and will refer to them if I see something you need to know to unblock yourself.

Who is this program for?

People who long to make a real contribution to the world as their Authentic Self.  People who are ready to heal their self-worth and self-esteem issues. People who are ready to go to the root of what blocks them from living to their full potential. You must be an active participant as this is not a typical passive experience where you are spoon fed information, Most importantly you must be committed to follow through on the program and the good news is you’l have plenty of support to get to the finish line!

What is the time commitment? 

You’ll be required to watch the weekly teaching module video which is on average about an hour. Most people like to listen (mp3) on their device a couple of times during the week.

The daily sadhana will been average  30 mins each day. It’s  best to practice this in the morning before starting your day and you will begin to look forward to your daily practice. There is a new sadhana video each week.

Your writing exercises can go up to about an hour per week.

The weekly video calls can go anywhere from 2  – 2.5 hrs. These call are recorded so it is fine if you can not attend.  You also have the option to submit a question a head of time.

Is the daily Sadhana Practice challenging? 

No! Any one can practice these meditations and exercises. As long as you have a breath in your body you can benefit.  This technology will integrate the teachings within your body/mind and help to stabilize you through great change.

Additional FAQs

But you have all these free youtubes?

My videos are generalized for the larger public. This program  is structured in a way to bring profound healing to each participant. The teachings are more in-depth in the programs and it requires your participation.

How much access do I have to Catalyst Yogi?

Lots! As soon as you sign up – you immediately climb up my priority list.

The weekly video call gives you individual one one one time with me while other participants listen.

If you have a question, you can post it on the Facebook group that I visit each day.  I also have an assistant that alerts me to any questions that need immediate attention.

You also have 2 Private sessions with me – one at the beginning of the program and a follow up session at the end of the program.

If you feel you need additional support – you can opt for Option 2 –  8 Weekly Calls with Me – See Below.

Is there a limit to the number of people admitted to the program?

Attendance is limited to 20 people. This way there is no chance of hiding – you don’t get lost in the crowd like most online programs. The student/teacher ratio stays healthy.

Will I be an emotional mess ?

We’re  evolving through our emotional body and there’s no getting around it. One of my gifts is to teach you how to manage your emotions. This is an integral part of the program. As long as you practice the daily meditation and be willing to cry you will be fine to carry out your responsibilities. We applaud emotional releases in this programs!

What if I want a refund ?

I wear two hats – that of a spiritual  teacher and a business person. So my teacher hat comes first. Once you commit to the program I have a sacred contract with you and that is to speak the Truth to you.  So I will ensure that your ego is NOT trying to sabatage your healing journey by quitting a program that could change your life.

After the first module you must  give me your word that you’ve  done your 7 days of sadhana, submit your writing exercises and express your reasons for quitting.  If all this checks out  and you still want to quit then I will give you a full refund minus the administration costs.

There are no refunds after week 2.  In all of my experience in presenting 13 programs so far  there have been only 2 refunds issued. Meaning most people value and love these programs.


I truly enjoyed all the modules. The teachings talked directly to my heart, and started to awaken something inside me. I loved the weekly questions that you gave us to contemplate on. This is a course that anyone can do as many times as they feel necessary. There are no words for the value that you have brought into my life.  – MT

If you have further questions, please contact me.

Are you ready to commit to your Soul Purpose?

I can’t afford it ?

This is scarcity thinking which is not real. The universe is abundant. Be open. Miracles can happen when you sincerely  commit to your healing journey. So simply state to the Divine,  “I want this healing. I want to do my Higher Purpose. You need to handle bringing me the resources.” And then let go and trust. The first step to healing is to trust that GOD is taking care of you. Keep your thoughts in the frequency of abundance and trust !

Why is it so expensive ?

This is true that there are other online programs that are cheaper in price. With other programs such as these you can get lost in the program and become just a name on a spread sheet. With my programs, I limit the number of people that can enrol so that there is a healthy student teacher ratio meaning I have time and space for you. Also you can put a price tag on real changes and healing.

I had one participant share that over the years she spent tens of thousands of dollars on therapy and other healing modalities  and got  nowhere. After taking a Catalyst Yogi Program she said that she finally got  the results she was seeking – she was free from the past, open hearted and truly herself.  And she said that that this program cost her a mere fraction of the price of all that therapy and other healing modalities.

As a teacher, healer and leader of the Aquarian Age you must learn to value your gifts and talents. By diminishing the value of this program you are actually diminishing your own value.


A percentage of your money goes to Alice Housing  that helps provide a Safe Home and Support  for Women and Children who are trapped in an abusive situation.


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