Patience as a powerful spiritual practice for many reasons.  Patience opens your heart. Patience increases your vibrational frequency. Patience brings you prosperity. Patience makes you more creative. Patience is good for your health and your relationships.

Impatience is the rooted in the fear that time is running out – that we don’t have enough time to get everything accomplished. The more identified with your ego – the more you will feel victimized by clock time.

5 Ways to Bring Patience into Your Life

Be Fully in the Present Moment

Yes it is easy to be in the present moment when life seems to be peachy and everything going your way. It is quite another to be present when you are in a store lineup, in traffic or in front if a challenging person.  If you find yourself in the frequency of impatience, resist the pressure to grab your phone to see the latest instagram picture, text or facebook feed. Instead stop yourself and bring your attention to your breath and begin breathing  long and deep only through your nostrils. You will start to notice things that you didn’t before – you will see the beauty in that moment that would have slipped by if you were on your phone.

Patience is about Attitude

To be patient is not just about waiting and allowing your mind to run rampant in resistance. Can you wait while maintaining a high frequency attitude?  Can you see the silver lining in all of your experiences? This means to Trust that the Universe is benevolent and only serving your highest evolution. Example, if you are stuck in a traffic jam tell yourself, “Thank you I may have been protected by an accident if I were not stopped.” Do no see annoyances – see it as a service to your well being.

Patience Opens your Heart

When you are patient, your belly relaxes and this in turn opens the heart. Remember that as a humanity we are going through a powerful evolution in our awareness system that is rooted in the Solar Plexus.  We are moving from the mind into an emotional (spiritual ) awareness system for the Aquarian Age.  The self-sensory system is coming online. The Aquarian Age is demanding that we all move into our hearts and one of the best ways is to bring patience to your experiences, with others and yourself.  Do you notice when you live from your heart – time seems to stand still?

Patience increases your Prosperity

Patience allows you to slow down which increases your vibration. When you slow down you come in synch with the heart beat of the earth (shuuman resonance) and this in turn makes you more radiant. You become more magnetic which attracts prosperity to you on all levels –   health, relationships and material.  When you slow down you are connected to the Aquarian Consciousness which is fertile in its creativity which brings solutions to your many challenges in life.

Nowhere to Go

Despite what the mind and ego tell you – there is really nowhere to go. You can’t escape yourself. Where you are is where you are. Patience is about trusting the natural rhythms and harmony of the earth. It is about trusting that there is a right timing for everything.

If you knew you were a spiritual being having human experiences would you be patient?

If you knew that you were a timeless being that falsely believed you were trapped in time – would you be more patient in life?

Try to take the opportunities to slow down, move out of clock time and enjoy your life – it’s the only one you got!


Meditation to Bring Patience

One Minute Breath

Sit in easy pose

Put hands in gyan mudra (thumb and index finger touching) resting on your knees

Inhale slowly though the nostrils  for 20 seconds

Suspend the breath for 20 seconds

Exhale slowly through the nostrils for 20 seconds

Practice for at least 3 mins

( You can also build up to 20 sec – start with 10 seconds)



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