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Today is the post US election and a shock to most people.  It can seem like the darkness has overcome the light. It can seem like a bleak world and all the ground we have made as a human species in the last 50 years is lost. Are we regressing?  Yes and No.  Yes because the old ancestral stories are coming up from deep within the unconscious of humanity to be healed. Old stories from history swirl  about in the Maya like Black Live Matters, Dakota Pipeline, Sexism, Racism, Homophobia, Reproductive Rights, Nazism, Xenophobia and more. It’s all here  BUT to be HEALED not to repeat history.

You Can’t Step in the Same River Twice

You can’t step into the same consciousness twice – it is impossible. You are either evolving or dying. When you choose fear and separation you are choosing the EGO which is death. When you chose LOVE and UNITY – you are choosing evolution into the Aquarian Age.

Understand Through Compassion or Misunderstand the Times

You must understand the Ego. Most people are still under the rule of the Ego which is the darkness of the Piscean Age. We are going through great change and the Ego has 3 Strategies for this kind of change.

  1. Go Back to the Past – to make something great again.
  2. Go into Scarcity Consciousness. Hoarding wealth and resources. “What’s in it for me” mentality.
  3. Isolate and withdraw into yourself. Go into a fantasy about how a savior will come and make it all better.

All of this is based in fear. So when someone comes a long and says, ” I am your savior. I can relieve you of your suffering. Just follow me.” The ego follows the ego.

So beneath the anger, rage, judgement and blame are scared little children. People are frightened. What do we do with fearful little children – We LOVE them.  When people misbehave – they are sending out an SOS for LOVE.

 Choose Love

I know this can be challenging for some but We must open our Hearts like never before. We must reach deep within us and find that LOVE to spread to the world. We must care for each other like never before. In order for you to do this, you must release fear from your body,mind and heart.

Watch this video for more with a link to Release Fear. Please share this with friends and family who need support right now.

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