One of the 5 Sutras for the Aquarian Age is “Recognize the Other Person is You”.

To recognize the other person is you is not just about empathy. Empathy is imagining what it must feel like to be in that person’s shoes. To recognize the other person is you is to literally see that person as you. The spiritual truth is that each person you see in the world is reflecting an aspect back to you. Each person is like one of the trillions of rays that emanate from the Sun. We come from the same source of energy. 

It’s easy to apply this teaching to the people we like and it’s quite another to apply this to people we don’t like or even hate. Yet if you deny that person – you are rejecting a part of yourself that is keeping you from wholeness, which is your healing.

In the West we don’t have public stonings anymore, because we’ve evolved – or have we? A public stoning was when a person who had committed a crime or sin was brought to the village center. Each onlooker would pick up a rock and fling it at the person in question. Now we have a modern version of public stonings on the Newsfeed of Facebook. Each person has his rock (judgement) that he flings at the person in the Comments section.

On the global stage the popular people to stone are politicians: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Back to the Aquarian Sutra – Recognize the Other Person is You. This is an absolute teaching that applies to everyone, including these two and any other person you happen to dislike. Clinton and Trump are simply playing roles for the human collective. Yes, even Trump and Clinton have a light inside each of them that we all share! We can either choose to  project our judgments – which are really our fears – or we can integrate aspects of ourselves and heal.

Every human being is holding up a mirror so that you can See Yourself in Truth.

What you notice in another is affirming what you believe about yourself. Do you see their light (truth) or do you see their darkness (illusion)? Are you affirming your light or your darkness?  It is in our relationships that we find our greatest challenge as we are all coming back  into Unity Consciousness and to the Truth that we are all One.

Instead of projecting out your fear and anger onto another – bring it back to yourself and own it. It is there that all fear and anger will be transmuted into the light of love.  The reality is only Love! Do not buy into the maya, the illusion that any one person has any power over you. Just LOVE and TRUST the Aquarian Consciousness that is being birthed into being right now.

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