As the Aquarian Age draws closer, everything is changing including the way in which we do relationships. Let us understand the evolution of human love in relation to the chakra system.

First Chakra Relationship

In the distant past, sheer necessity brought us together in first chakra consciousness. Think of the pioneer couple on the wagon train traveling across the country to start their own homestead. Their relationship was one of survival: work the farm, till the field and have children to help with the non-stop physical workload. Not a lot of romance when relationship comes from the consciousness of the first chakra.

Second  Chakra Relationship

Fast forward to the Victorian era. The Victorians really invented romance: the angst and drama of unrequited love, love from the wrong side of the tracks (Romeo and Juliet). Think of famous books like Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, and Lady Chatterley’s lover. This is second chakra consciousness; coming together from a longing to merge with another human being, passion, animal sexual attraction, fantasy, no boundaries and very messy.

Third Chakra Relationship

Third Chakra consciousness is all about personal power and the little ‘s’ self. Dynamics of submission and domination prevail. Relationships become more like business arrangements. You do this for me, and I will do this for you. Secretly, we may view our partner as our enemy and spend our days just waiting to be betrayed.

Fourth Chakra Relationship

As we enter into the Aquarian Age, we are being called to move from 3rd chakra consciousness into 4th chakra consciousness – the area of the Heart. The first 3 chakras are very personal. We ask the question, “What‘s in it for me?” With the 4th chakra, we begin to use the language of “we”. There is no ‘you and me’, there is only ‘we’. This is the first time we see that the person in front of us is just as important as we are – we are one.

While there are certainly challenges and lessons, there is no duality or conflict in the area of the heart. There is finally the recognition of the other person is me. Relationships become powerful tools for healing and wholeness.

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