Venus in Retrograde in Shadow of Interference 

Venus represents how we attract what we love and value into the world. When it’s in the shadow of interference, it shows us where our frequency is distorted through fear. What we put out returns to us and that’s why our manifestations can create dissatisfaction. Your frequency is in the shadow of interference.

Reflect on Your Values 

This is a time to reflect on what is truly important to you. Do you know your Top 5 Values? Do you have a Values Statement?

When you know what you stand for, it is easy to make decisions. You simply ask yourself, “Is this decision aligned with my top 5 values or not?”

I talk about this week’s video and give you a free PDF to determine your values.

Karma Buddies vs Soul Tribe
This shadow of interference rules how we work together as a humanity. Interference frequency is created by our karmas.

Our karmas live within our DNA that we inherited by our ancestors.

When this distorted frequency is broadcasted out – we attract our Karma Buddies and not our Soul Tribe

Karma Buddies are challenging, dramatic and emotionally charged.  It can seem sometimes like you can’t escape them.

Soul Tribes are your allies who help you with your purpose and you help them.This comes when your frequency is purified and you are living as yourself.

Watch the video or listen on i-tunes. And learn how you can best work with this energy.

Also, I included a Free Values pdf exercise that you can practice this week.

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