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Saturn Moved into the Shadow of Struggle 

Saturn rules time and the material world and represents our karmic lessons ahead. Since Jan 2018, Saturn had been sitting in the shadow of Dissatisfaction. As a collective, we now  know what we feel deeply dissatisfied about in our lives and now the lesson is – What’s worth fighting for?

Life is NOT meant to be a Struggle

The shadow of struggle is when we’re NOT aligned with the Universal Flow of Energy.

The Voice of Struggle:

  • Nothing ever works out for me so why even bother trying?
  • I’m going to give my noisy neighbor a piece of my mind!
  • My mother always criticizes me and then we get into a huge fight.
  • I’m keeping  this job I hate even if it kills me because it’s the only way to pay my bills. 

This is the expectation that Life will be a struggle and guess what? You will create the experience  of struggle in your life because that is what you expect to see!

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