The number one self-defeating habit that keeps most people from reaching their fullest potential:


We are in the energy of the Full Moon in Taurus until October 29, 2015. This energy is calling us to deeply value and respect ourselves. The old ways of waiting for others to  value you before you value yourself is coming to an end. In the Aquarian Age you must seek value and respect from yourself first and then others will reflect this new attitude back to you.

What keeps us from valuing ourselves? Well, it is the one self-defeating habit that we have been trained to do and that is to give our power over to an outside authority. We have been taught to not trust ourselves for our own answers. We have been taught to not go inside when we are experiencing grief, sadness, anger, overwhelm and countless other negative emotions. In this technological age there is a myriad of ways to stay distracted, numb and in denial that a whole Universe lives in each one of us.

Watch this video to learn more about what you can do. Click the link to a powerful Kundalini yoga meditation for Self-Value.




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