Shadow Astrology Reading

Shadow Astrology is a System for the Evolution of Humanity into the Aquarian Age.

This one on one reading uses a system that is a synthesis of many disciplines – Human Design, Gene Keys and  Western Astrology.

The chart is a snap shot of the neutrino stream at the moment of your birth.

In every second we are literally bombarded by neutrinos which are subatomic particles or cosmic messengers that originate mostly from the Sun.

The location, time, day, month and year of birth is not a coincidence. The neutrinos leave a precise imprint which gives you a map of your inner consciousness. This map illustrates where you must travel in this lifetime – the fears and challenges that you must face in order to unlock your genius.


Learn More about this Neutrino Stream (Information Field) that is guiding Human Evolution.

Your Unique Chart Describes You as An Enlightenment Being


Learn About:

  • Your Higher Purpose / Vocation
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Future Transits
  • Guidance for your questions

 Every person is born with a Unique Genius to Contribute to the World.

How Does It Work?

  1.  After payment, you will be sent to fill out a questionaire. 
  2. You will be directed to schedule an appointment on an online calendar. 
  3. You will then be sent a meeting link for the scheduled time. I use Zoom Meeting which is super easy. We meet via video conferencing and you can use your computer, tablet or smart phone. You can also phone in with just audio as well.
  4. Before our meeting I spend time preparing and studying your chart as it relates to the theme of your questions.
  5. Meetings run about 1 hr in total and is full of valuable information for you.
  6. Then you will l be sent the full recording as an mp3 as well as a suggested sadhana practice (video meditation)

What Will I Receive?

A PDF of your Chart

A Recording of the Reading (mp3)

A sadhana practice (video)

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A percentage of your money goes to Maui Women Helping Women   that helps provide a Safe Home and Support for Women and Children who are trapped in an abusive situation.

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