This week’s shadow patterns are the cause of the social uprisings that we are seeing around the world. The shadow of Inequality and Exhaustion.  I don’t think I have to list the examples of inequalities that we are seeing out in the world. Remember for the Aquarian Age – our society is coming back into balance.

Are You Feeling Exhausted?

Exhaustion is the result of inequality. Personally this is when the energies of giving and receiving are out of balance. Are you giving too much in your relationships? Are you not receiving from Life? Are you not spending time alone?

Are You Becoming Irritated By Inequality?

Are you getting fed up with not receiving adequate support from others. Are you being paid for what you are worth? Are you giving to others or are you withholding of your resources, time and energy?

Work Rest Balance

Right now a lot of planets are in the sign of Pisces. This energy is about dreaming,imagining, connecting to higher dimensions of reality. This time is about resting.

Watch or listen to this short video to learn more about this shadow and gift for this week. Work with the Energies to keep growing with grace and ease.




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