The Neutrino Stream is telling us that we need to start sharing as a humanity. Sharing our outer resources as well as our inner resources.



Keywords in the Neutrino Stream are Selfishness opposes Purposelessness.

We are seeing how this dynamic is playing out in the world stage. People are calling out the 1% ruling class of the planet to start sharing their wealth with the rest of humanity. Selfishness is the belief that you are an individual separate from your fellow human beings, the planet and all of creation. The ultimate expression of selfishness is the belief that you are separate from the Divine.

Purposelessness is to live lost without a sense of higher purpose. Each person has incarnated on this planet for a purpose. Hint – it’s not to just survive. These two shadows work in tandem right now as selfishness automatically means you are without purpose. That’s because your higher purpose ALWAYS involves other human beings.

This is a time to dig up any darkened areas in the mind where you believe that you are separate from your fellow human beings. Release any beliefs from the Ego that tell you that you are responsible for only yourself and must hoard your resources. Or the Ego’s belief that there is never enough resources for me to express my higher purpose.

The way out of these limiting beliefs is by Sharing. Sharing is giving. As you give so shall you receive.

Watch this video for a more in-depth exploration with a link to a powerful Kundalini Yoga Meditation to Control Death.

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