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In the Piscean Age (the last 2,000 years), human relationships were ruled by the EGO. The only two options in relationships were to dominate or be dominated. 

Now in the Aquarian Age, we are learning to share power even in the most broadest sense of the word – as different countries, cultures, and religions. You can see this power play on the world stage with the escalating global uprising – people are feeling strongly that it is time to do something different. As citizens of planet earth we are being called to bring forth new ways to share our resources and power.

 On a personal level, we are learning to share power as men and women and to balance our inner masculine and feminine energy. With Venus in Scorpio – any relationships where you feel disempowered will reveal itself to you. Venus is also in gate 43 which can make you deaf to your own inner voice speaking the Truth to you.

Astrology and Human Design give us a map to understand this powerful evolutionary energy that is pushing Humanity into the New Aquarian Age. It is best to work with the energy rather than swim agains the river which creates suffering.

5 Ways to Work with this Venus Energy in Your Relationships


Victim to Victory

Relationships are the breeding ground for Victim Consciousness. The frequency of the Victim needs to leave the planet before the new Aquarian Consciousness can come in. Do you blame your partner for your unhappiness ? Do you expect your partner to make you happy and give you your self-esteem ? If your answer is yes – you are in victim. To transcend victim consciousness you must take full responsibility for your wants and needs. Everything that you want from your partner is what you are to give to yourself. For example, if you complain that your partner does not want to go out and do things with you then go alone or invite one of your friends to do these things.

Ego Projections – Saviour or Scapegoat

A lot of couples unconsciously project their own self-hatred onto their partner or their innate unexpressed gifts depending if your mind is inclined more towards saviour or scapegoat. The ego projects outwardly especially in the context of relationships. Watch your ego wanting someone to save you – in truth, the ego’s agenda here is to keep you from your life’s purpose. i want to hide and let my partner do my destiny for me. For example, if you are attracted to a partner who is a successful writer – this means that you too are a writer that needs to express your own voice. On the flip side if you blame your partner for not pursuing your destiny – he/she is holding me back because of their lack of discipline.When in reality it is your own lack of discipline that is keeping you from moving forward.

Real Change = Acceptance that Nothing will Change

If you want your partner to change – it’s not going to happen. The big cosmic joke is when the ego wants change it will never happen. The ego is terrified of real change because it will be confronted with the Unknown which it is ill equipped to handle. Allow yourself to surrender to the truth – that it is you that has to change. If you completely accept your partner as he/she is in this moment – they are perfect as they are and will never change – this will bring a great relief to you. Go further with this and extend this compassion to your own self. Then guess what ? To your surprise, your partner will change without any effort on your part.


Wait for the Third Option

In astrology, when planets square one another it means conflict. Power struggles can create a stand still – where there doesn’t seem to be any movement forward. When you depend on your ego mind to settle arguments, you are in deep trouble because it is just goes back and forth like a ping-pong game. This is why long term couples mention that they seem to have the same argument year after year – never getting anywhere. The ego will want you to separate telling you that there is no resolution to this conflict – you are better off alone or with someone else. The ego does not want conscious relationships because there is no food for it. Remember one of the Aquarian Sutras – There is a Way Through Every Block !


To move the energy you must wait for the diagonal energy (Truth) which is creative energy. This is when that square (conflict) is split into two triangles which is an energy of good fortune. For example, if you are the one who does most of the communicating in the relationship – allow your partner to speak first while you calmly listen. This does not mean mentally rehearsing your rebuttal or finishing your partner’s sentences while you “wait your turn”. If your partner is male – it is best to go for a walk or a drive while he speaks. Then you speak as your partner listens. Then you are both quiet as you wait for the third option knowing that this energy is guaranteed to burst through – perhaps in a couple of days.


Authority Issues – Control

Usually in every relationship one person feels controlled by the other. This can get played out in the work place with a person who has a perceived authority over you like your boss, supervisor or client if you are self-employed. Behind needing to control or be controlled is the frequency of fear. Whenever you bring money into the relationship equation these power dynamics come out to play. If you go to the root cause behind these authority issues you must go to your experience as a child with your parents. This conditioning that still lives within you can keep you locked into a child consciousness when it comes to money. So if your partner holds the purse strings – you will unconsciously give away your power in order to ‘keep the peace’ – which means compromising yourself in order to survive.

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