These Programs are Designed

 to Activate Your DNA

to release your Soul Purpose.

Shadow Mining 

Emotional Freedom 

8 week online healing program to Heal Your Inner Child 

 In the Aquarian Age we are evolving through the Emotional Body or Astral Body. Unresolved emotions from childhood can crystalize to  block you from receiving higher vibrational energies through the astral plane. Instead you attract lower frequncy energies which feel like anger, depression, anxiety, apathy, guilt, alienation and a deep sadness. 

Shadow Mining 101

Introduction to Shadow Work

This is a prerequisite for ALL  Shadow Mining Programs.

A great self-study introduction to this profound healing work.

Only $99 and if you choose to move forward with a longer program this will be deducted from the course.

Go Deeper into the Weekly Shadow Pattern transit through a specific Kundlani Yoga Meditation that guides you through a transmutation into the gift.

Activate Your Soul Purpose  

8 Week Online Healing Program

This program is Live with a Focus on Indigos and Creative Rebels.

iNDIGOS and CREATIVE REBELS are evolved beings who have been seeded with the future Aquarian Consciousness. Through life challenges, this seed has started to Activate which can create an inner conflict within the individual or feelings of not fitting in anywhere.

Does this sound like you?  Click button to learn more about this unique program.

Learn the Secrets of Prosperity for the Aquarian Age

8 Week Online Program – LIVE – Starts June 24th

Installment Plans Available

 For Teachers, Healers and Life Coaches.

Did you know that you have specific shadow patterns in your DNA inherited from your Ancestors that keep prosperity from reaching you?

Embrace the NEW Paradigm of Prosperity for the Aquarian Age

Shadow Astrology Readings 

Relationship or Individual  


Recorded Readings that are based on your Rave and Astrological Charts. 


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