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Shadow Mining 

Heal Your Inner Child – Pathway Into the Heart

8 week online healing program

This program is live with me helping you every step of the way using your unique Neutrino Astrology Chart – that describes you as an Enlightened Being

 Genetically, we inherit unique shadow patterns from our ancestors which block us from expressing our full potential. Through shadow mining you will go through a step by step process whereby you let of of your past, claim your unique gifts, and become your Authentic Self.

LIVE!  Activate Your Soul Purpose for Indigos and Creative Rebels

8 Week Online Healing Program

Launches March 18, 2018

This program is Live with a Focus on Indigos and Creative Rebels. 

 Indigos are evolved beings who  have been seeded with the future Aquarian Consciousness. Through life challenges, this seed has started to Activate which can create an inner conflict within the individual.

Does this sound like you?  Click butto to learn more about this unique program.


Money Matters – Manifesting Prosperity

8 Week Online Healing Program


Launching in May, 2018

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