July 12, 2018’s Solar Eclipse –  you have the opportunity to reboot your karmic story line.

Eclipses are catalysts that speed up our evolution and set the stage for the next 6 months. A time when the portal between the invisible world opens up and we are gifted with divine energy for our evolution.

This is an auspicious time for we as a collective and for you as an individual. There is much to discuss but I want to zero in on one particular aspect as it relates to shadow astrology.

So Mars is on the south node of the moon in the shadow of Fantasy, gift of Anticipation and siddhi of Emanation.This shows us that we are now bing called to let go of our fantasies.

Fantasies  are built on hope and that’s why they never manifest. Fantasies are the mind’s way of  avoiding the pain of the world.

The shadow of Fantasies come out of a pressure from the root chakra. The purpose of the  root chakra pressure is to evolve but since the overall frequency of the planet is so low –  this pressure gets translated into the desire to be happy and  to feel good.

Whats your dream? Write it below. Start putting it into practice – make your baby steps and start manifesting.


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