Another Eclipse is Coming 

We’re  heading towards another Eclipse on Feb 15, 2018 and this is a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius.  Energetically,  we are in a precious window of time right now in preparation for a brand new book in our evolution – personally and collectively. Traditionally, Eclipses have been harbingers of bad omens but really they speed evolution forward. If you have been diligently doing your spiritual work, this can be an exciting time, Eclipses also bring death, birth and rebirth. We may see some important figures of note leaving the planet and others coming in. Personally, important influential people in your life may just suddenly leave and NEW people may come in.

Something Important Is Ending

This lunar eclipse last week was an ending of something in your life that started way back on August 21, 2017. Remember that solar eclipse? It captured a lot of media attention and  could be seen on the west coast of the USA and  traveled all the way to the east coast. According to the patterns, this was the beginning of a timeline that is closing in the next week and half.

Reflect on what got started for you in late August and is finishing up now.  We have until Feb 15, 2018  to finish that chapter of our life up.

Neutrino Astrology

We are being called to transmute the shadow of Co-Dependence to prepare for the Solar Eclipse. We are all familiar with the mainstream popular definition of Co-Dependence within dysfunctional relationships. But this shadow runs much deeper and is what keeps the illusions of Maya functioning. This shadow also is a portal into the Unconscious Mind. The gift is Sensitivity, In the video I talk about the difference between Sensitivity (our strength)  versus Over-sensitivity (our weakness) and how to move through the world without taking in the energies of other people and your environment.

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