Transcend Victim Consciousness

Today marks a powerful Solar Eclipse – an important astrological event that opens energetic doorways to bring dramatic shifts in mass consciousness.

This solar eclipse will bring tremendous light into the dark watery depths of the Unconscious Mind which usually remains locked and inaccessible. The Unconscious is the deepest part of our mind and is a container for buried thoughts, emotions, sensations and images from our collective human experiences. Even though the Unconscious remains hidden it can be controlling your life – when triggered it can bring forward strong irrational emotional responses.

The Sabian symbol for November 13, 2012 is “Hunters protected by heavy clothing are shooting wild ducks.”

On the surface the build up of this  energy can bring up feelings of deep frustration with your Life Circumstances – feeling stuck and trapped with no way to get out.  The Ego only knows only two ways to deal with these energies – either to turn it inward to attack yourself or to externalize and attack others

This powerful Solar Eclipse will shed light on areas where you are holding on to Victim Consciousness.  This sets up the Abuser/Victim polarity within the human psyche – both need each other to keep the Piscean Game going.

To transcend  Victim Consciousness we need to move into the realm of the  Heart. Both Victim and Abuser are disconnected from the Heart. It is easier to see this in the  Abuser – expressing cruel behavior with a hardened heart. The Victim is also disconnected from the heart –  addicted only to the sticky gluey emotions and unable to stand up for themselves –  Yogi Bhajan called this emotion commotion. The heart is not a hallmark greeting card – it is not  emotional.  When doing anything from your heart it will give you  tremendous strength –  for the heart is fearless and courageous.

Today see clearly how you play out your abuser/victim dynamics with yourself or with others. Dissolve it  into the Light of Awareness  – remember it is an illusion that keeps you from living your Soul’s Purpose.  It is a necessary step to our evolution  for humanity to transcend Victim Consciousness and it begins with the individual.

Here is a Kundalini Yoga Meditation given by Yogi Bhajan  to practice on the solar eclipse.



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