We are now in a profound time of healing. Healing is reclaiming our wholeness – the truth is that WE ARE whole and complete. What keeps us in this illusion is our own mind. It is our mind that is at war and this creates a lot of conflict inside us.

The Spiritual Journey or the healing journey is all about discovering what you are NOT. The healing journey is about letting go of layer after layer of lies. From the time you were born you have been told you are this and not that. You have been told that you are powerless. You have been told that the best and safest thing you can do is to conform to a world of lies. You have been told that this is the box you live in – maybe it is the same box your parents lived in – your grandparents and how dare you even dream of stepping out of it. These are examples of the conditioning that we all have received through the Piscean Age.

Now through this evolutionary energy everything is getting shaken up at its core. The Light of Truth is powerfully moving through the Collective Unconscious of Humanity to expose these lies that we have all been taught to believe.

This can create a lot confusion, doubt and fear.  Watch this short video below to learn more and how to Stop Attacking Yourself.

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