Does the thought of going to a busy mall fill you with a sense of dread?  Do you come home from a day  of socializing  feeling exhausted and drained?

This is an indication that your aura may need some reinforcement. The aura (7th yogic body ) is a shield of protection that surrounds your physical body.  It can repel negativity from other people, environments and illness.

A quick way to expand your aura so that you feel confident, safe and secure is to do Breath of Fire.

*Breath of Fire is an equal inhale and exhale through the nostrils with no pause in between.  The easiest way to learn it is to open your  mouth and pant like a dog. When you get the hang of it – close your mouth and do the same breath through your nostrils.

Go at your own pace and rhythm. Breath of Fire is powered by the navel and solar plexus. When you exhale the navel moves toward the spine and on the inhale abdominals relax.

Sit up with a straight spine and try this for 1 – 2 mins.  Inhale deeply. Exhale. Relax. Sit and feel your aura expanding all around you.

Other Benefits of Breath of Fire (Agni Pran)

Releases toxins from lungs

Expands lung capacity

Strengthens the nervous system, navel and improves mental focus

Reduces Addictive Impulses

Boosts immune system

* It is not advisable to practice breath of fire if you are pregnant or menstruating



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