Happy Full Moon in Aquarius!  This is a time when sudden, unexpected awarenesses will come to you. It’s as if you were outside in the dark and suddenly, out of the blue, there is a lightening bolt that illuminates the sky for a brief second. This illumination of your life’s dynamics, that you previously could not see, imprints the mind that gives you some sense of direction.

Until that blessed illumination, it can feel that life is not moving – at least in the way that you want it to move. If you are doing all the right things, such as regular meditations,  keeping your thoughts positive, using affirmations and still opportunities are not showing up – you may need a Spiritual Enema. Just like when our physical bowels get all clogged up, so too can our Spirit not flow.

When you take a physical enema – it is the fluid inserted into the body that brings relief. Until then, bringing anything new into the body is very uncomfortable.  With a Spiritual Enema, the fluid that brings relief  is the Emotions.  When you allow the emotions to move unobstructed – more of the  Soul is released to flow freely. This is reflected in your outer reality as you begin to see your life unfolding in beautiful ways.

How Does this Work?

Well it is truly the mind that clogs the Spirit. For example, your conscious mind can be completely committed to do your Soul’s Destiny and another part of your mind (subconscious) can be committed to maintaining the status quo. What gives your subconscious mind power in this scenario is that there is a buried belief that is connected to a powerful emotion. This buried  belief could be that in order to do my destiny means that i will hurt the people i love.  This belief is uncovered and along with it releases a lot of sadness and grief.

When the Tough Gets Going, The Tough Go Inside!

Know that if you are NOT feeling this flow in your life – it simply means that something is NOT flowing inside YOU. There are so many planets retrograde right now which shows us that as a humanity, we need to go within for our  answers.


Here is a video to further illustrate these points with a link to a Kundalini Yoga Meditation to practice to bring this flow into your life. Meditation when You Lack Faith that brings the INNER TEACHER flowing into you.


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