Surfing the Waves of Life

Life is like a wave. All waves come with crests and troughs – ups and downs – highs and lows. These ups and downs are the constant play of the polarities of life. Day follows night, good follows bad and rain follows sunshine.  It is our attachment to only having good days that create suffering.

To recognize this truth, we need the power of the  neutral mind  the 4th yogic body. It is the mind of the yogi –  unaffected by the polarities of life. The neutral mind allows you to see the big picture so that you become proactive instead of reactive. Remember,  there is nothing wrong in your life you are simply having experiences. Surf each life experience like a wave knowing that a fresh new wave is on its way

5 Ways to Strengthen the Neutral Mind (meditative mind)

1. Balance the Brain Hemispheres

You can use a mandala of your choice as the focus of your meditation. The pattern of the Mandala pressures the brain into a neutral state of mind. To balance the brain hemispheres you can also do cross – crawl exercises*.

2. Wait 9 Seconds

When pressed to make decisions – inhale deeply – wait patiently 9 seconds and you will receive guidance from your neutral mind. The 4th Body is taking input from the other 8 yogic bodies to give you an answer that serves all.

3. Kundalini Yoga Meditation for the Neutral Mind

“ This kriya is one of the three that Yogi Bhajan mentioned would carry us through the Aquarian Age, even if all other teachings were lost. ” (from sadhana guidelines)

Download Kirtan Kriya Meditation

4. Daily Meditation

All meditation will strengthen the Neutral Mind. Take some daily quiet time and space to listen to the voice of your soul, which comes through the neutral mind.

5.  Seva

Seva is a spiritual practice of selfless service with no reward for the self. It takes you out of the limited state of the egoic needs and puts you in the blissful infinite space of love. We all have something to give even if just means a smile or a kind word to a stranger. Or do a random act of kindness anonymously.

*Lie on your back on a mat. INHALE raise both your left leg and your right arm up to 90 degrees. As you exhale lower them and raise your right leg and left arm to 90 degrees. (start at 1 min and work up to 5 mins)



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