The Aquarian Age shift creates a lot of pressure on the Mind and with that comes some unpleasant physical symptoms. These symptoms are showing you that your vibrational frequency is increasing and you are releasing ancestral memories.

symptoms of aquarian shift

Some Aquarian Age Shift Symptoms

Night and Day Sweats

This is where it seems like your temperature increases for no reason. It may be cold outside and you are flushed and visibly sweating. You can wake up in the night and your body is drenched in sweat. It will last for about 10 – 15 minutes and then you are back to normal. Whatever “normal” means these days!

Frequent Urination

You maybe urinating more frequently and usually during the night. Or you feel suddenly very thirsty and drinking inordinate amounts of water and still unable to quench your thirst.

Water Retention

During the day you feel that you are retaining water in you body. It can feel like a bloating or puffiness.

Extra Sensitive

You may be feeling extra sensitive and vulnerable in the world.  And also crying out of blue for no good reason which adds to this compulsion to guard your heart.


You may be reflecting on people and experiences from your past unprompted by you. This could be through night dreams or day dreams. Also you may forget things – like what you did yesterday or last week. It can feel like your memory  is disappearing.

What Does it have to Do with Water?

The Truth is we are in the middle of an evolutionary process as a humanity. These symptoms are signaling that you are evolving and that your vibrational frequency is increasing. It’s a very practical thing – not woo woo.

You will note that each symptom relates to the element of water – urination  – sweating – crying and yes memory. Human memory is stored in the elements – more specifically in the element of water.

You will note too that water is in our collective awareness. There have been more and more droughts in California, India and the Middle East for example. Drinking water has being tainted with chemicals  through fracking especially in the United States. The oceans are rising through global warming.  There has been more and more flooding and torrential rains in certain parts of the world.

So what’s Going On?

The magnetic field of the Earth is loosening through the Solar Flare Activity. The collective memory of humanity is held in place through the strength of the earth’s magnetic field. So memories are being released from deep with the collective unconscious mind.

Remember the January Video that I did – this year is about purification. We are purifying our collective memories – our ancestral memories. Whatever challenges you are going through right now in your life – know that your ancestors faced these same challenges in different forms. For example if you are struggling with money issues – your ancestors were struggling with putting food on the table or  a warm roof over their head. The issue is survival – first chakra issues.

This is why the challenges that we face now are so emotionally intense – because your ancestral memory is fueling it. All those memories of when your ancestors died of starvation or froze to death or their loved ones died are inside you.  For example, if you are trying to gather enough money to pay your rent at the end of the month or pay your visa bill  – emotionally it can FEEL  like you are starving to death.

So the memories are surfacing through the water in your physical body and they need to be released through sweating, tears and urination.  

The Ancient Flood

You know we had an ancient flood – it  rained for 40 days and 40 nights which purified the Earth. Now we are having an Inner Flood that is purifying each one of us at a very deep level but you are not alone – you have generations and generations of all the memories of your ancestors.

What you can do to make this Purification Process more Gentle?

Bless the water

Bless the water you drink. Bless the shower. Bless the warm bath water. Bless the swimming pool you swim in. The blessing can be as simple as, “ I bless this water with healing properties.” By blessing you raise the frequency of the water.

Honor your Emotions

We are evolving through our emotional body so honor your emotions without getting caught up in them. Feel them while remaining detached at the same time which means don’t let the mind make up stories about why you feel vulnerable and extra sensitive.

Laugh at Memory Loss

If you don’t remember something – it is a blessing from the Infinite. We are coming more and more into the timeless – the present – the now. If it is important you will remember. If you are in front of the ATM and can’t remember your PIN – calm down and ask the Infinite – the number will magically appear in your awareness.

Keep Thoughts Positive

No matter what negative emotions arise – do not go into victim. Your attitude about what is going on in your life is most important during this time.

Kundalini Yoga Meditation to Clear the Water Element

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