Well, that’s it.

As you read this, you’re realizing that the summer is behind us – along with the traditional Canadian vacation season.

But just wait. Did you take a vacation? Did you think about work while on vacation? Did you at least stay away from anything to do with the job?

A new study from Robert Half International shows that Canadian financial professionals may not work as many hours at the office as their global counterparts, but more than a third take work home with them and take it on vacation.

The problem with working so much – and taking work on vacation and home with you – is bigger than just making Jack and Jill dull boys and girls.

In fact, it’s become such a recognized problem in Canada that even the federal government has weighed in on the subject on its Human Resources and Social Development Canada website (

“People have family, personal responsibilities and needs outside of work, whether it is the caring of children and/or elderly parents, or the pursuit of personal interests, activities or hobbies,” the website states.

“By implementing proactive programs and initiatives that support employees, organizations can strengthen employee commitment and loyalty, resulting in higher productivity, improved customer satisfaction and healthier bottom lines.”

Yes, there’s that magic phrase – it goes right to your bottom line. And that goes to both the employee and the employer.

We need our breaks, we need our downtime and we need our time away from work in order to have a more balanced life, which results in better health and better productivity while we are at work.

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