When you commit to the Spiritual Journey one of the things that you can’t avoid is called the big boo hoo.

The BIG BOO HOOis the big cry — the sobbing — where your body is shaking, eyes are streaming — stuff is coming out of your nose — making primal wailing sounds.

Humans are terrified of the big hoo — avoiding it by stuffing it by drinking too much alcohol, doing drugs, eating sugar , workaholism, excessive shopping, distracting yourself with useless information on the internet, video games or TV. Anything to keep you in the mental realm and out of your heart.

We were taught that the Big Boo Hoo was something to be ashamed of and to stuff and repress it — don’t be a big baby — leave yr problems at home – this is Piscean Age Propaganda this is nonsense — throw all that conditioning out the window.

The big boo hoo comes from being hurt and betrayed by people we have loved — usually from childhood. This wound follows us into adulthood attracting people in our lives that poke that wound so that we can feel it so it can be healed.

Symptoms of a Closed heart

Life is meaningless and flat — no feelings — no emotions
Pain in upper back shoulders
Shoulders caved in
Posture is head first
Can’t receive love from others



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