As we move through this profound time of transformation it is crucial that we ALL release what is Not True in our lives.  All around the world – old archaic Piscean institutions (governments, corporations, western medicine and more) are crumbling before our very eyes. Anything on this planet that has been created from Ego (separation) and not the Soul (unity) is dismantling and so too our inner world is falling apart. With Mars in retrograde since January 23, 2012, this has been an opportune time to reflect and dig into some juicy inner self work. We have this grace period to let go of old subconscious programming from the past until April 14th,  2012. Until then you are supported by the planetary energies to really let go of what is not True for you and to start living from your Authentic Self.

You may be confused to what is really my true self  and what is my false self?  There seems to be many voices clamoring for my attention.  You may not always know what is my intuition and what is my mind and ego?

The false ego is like a parasite and you are the host. The parasite needs the host to survive but the host does not need the parasite. The best way to manage the ego is not to feed it with your attention and energy – it’s voice will begin to disappear.

Here is a chart with the difference between your False Self vs Your True Self so you can begin to differentiate the two.



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