Yogi Bhajan had a clear understanding of what would happen as we entered the Aquarian Age and he warned us that solar storm activity would increase significantly and affect the magnetic field of the Earth.

In the past few years, even mainstream media has been reporting massive solar flares unlike any we have ever seen. These solar flares are directly connected to the Earth Changes we are experiencing and play a big role in our quickening –  our accelerated evolution as a humanity.

The ancients teach that we are connected to the totality of the Universe and so the flares on the surface of the Sun too affect us.

You may be feeling:

– emotional outbursts – fear, sadness, grief  anger, or  anxiety – sometimes for no reason

– temperature fluctuations – sweating then chills

– disrupted sleep, disturbing dreams

– extreme fatigue and/or manic amount of energy

– big aha moments of awareness

– weird body phenomena – aches and pains, buzzing in the ears , seeing geometric shapes out of the corner of your eyes

Most importantly, the solar flares affect the emotions. With these surges of energy and information coming from the sun, it is increasingly difficult for people to control the emotions by ‘talking ourselves out of it’ and putting on the  ‘I’m just FINE face” to the world.   Managing the emotions is now something we must be aware of every day – especially anger.  Our old tricks to avoid or suppress our anger will no longer work like – too much sugar, drugs, alcohol –or keeping mentally  distracted and gorging on information on facebook, twitter, internet etc.  Now we must feel the anger and consciously use if for fuel for transformation.

Here is a Kundalini Yoga Meditation to offset the Solar Flare Effects:

DOWNLOAD Solar Flares Meditation (pdf)



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