The world has told you the New Year began January 1. 2014. This is not true. In the Aquarian Age, what matters is Energy – and in terms of energy – the new year cycle has not begun – yet !

Life moves in cycles and you can see this clearly in nature with the seasons. Humans also move through Cycles of Experience. If you are in the middle of a cycle of experience of a job, for example – it doesn’t matter that the mind says it’s over. If you try to get another job or quit that job – the Universe will block you. It’s over when the energy is completed and not before.


Believing that you are in a brand new cycle now is like sitting on an airplane and thinking  you are in flight  – the truth is – you are still on the tarmac.  If you’re not “feeling” the new yet or your past is  still tugging at you  – this is the reason why.  When the rave I-Ching wheel  moves into the 41st hexagram (genetic start codon) that is when the new cycle of human experience really begins. This year that date falls on January 22, 2014.


So hold onto all those new years resolutions – the cycle of experience started in 2013 is not finished with you yet.


Life is about to move at warp speed very soon. With all the planets in the sign of Capricorn we are being called to rise in our greatness. To take our position as leaders in our lives, our families, communities, workplaces and society in general.  You ask, “Who me? You’re talking about someone else” .  If you were born in this time and space and if you are reading this message – then yes You !  


Here are 5 Ways to Prepare for 2014


Emotional Maturation

Your intuition has been strongly communicating to you with glimpses into your future sparking you with new ideas and insights. It is not enough to mentally envision the future you must also bring in the emotional component.  This means that you first need to mature emotionally into your new role. You need to feel on a deep emotional level that you can do it – or else you will scurry back at the first sign of challenges. This requires that you feel a deep sense of  inner security –  a complete trust in your Divine Nature no matter how many naysayers or non supporters there are in your life. This means taking care of your own  emotional  needs. Don’t look to others to take care of you.  Reparenting yourself is a necessary step on your Spiritual Journey.  To  heal the wounds of your childhood  Check out Lighten Up 12 Week online program. 

 Finish Licking your Wounds and Celebrate

It is not the time any longer to wallow in self pity or the keep the old stories of your past alive. If your mind is turning over stories from your past – it means there is still some work to be done. Especially, let go of any negativity you are holding onto about other people who have hurt you in the past.   Remember that everything that has left you in 2013 has been a humongous blessing to you.  You are now streamlining and what is left is aligned with the core of who you are. So for these next few weeks, finish licking your wounds and celebrate who and what is with you now. Real closure happens when you express your true feelings. Here is a powerful 30 min exercise to practice to let go.

 Embrace the Mystery of You  

You will need to go through a deep letting go of old limiting beliefs that you have about yourself.  Thoughts like, “ i can’t do it. There are other people that are more qualified than me. I tried that 5 years ago and it didn’t work  ”  need to leave your present reality. These thoughts will not go willingly. Bring into your awareness that most beliefs you have about yourself  are not even yours. Most of these beliefs come from your conditioning – lies, intentionally or unintentionally,  that others have told you about yourself.  Begin to let go of all your self-concepts and embrace the mystery of you. In the Aquarian Age, our consciousness is shifting more and more into the present moment. Because of the Solar Flares and the recent Polarity Reversal of the Sun, our memories are becoming more and more distant. If you make a strong intention to let go of these limiting beliefs it will be easier now than in the past.

Clear the Clutter

In the Aquarian Age we are tapping into our innate genius. Our greatest creative potential as a humanity has yet to be unleashed.  It is impossible for you to tap into your genius if you are distracted by the mental clutter – too many things on your plate. Take some time these few weeks to examine what is really important to you ? If something does not make your list – toss it. This goes for physical things as well. Everything you see in the physical realm is vibrating energy. Examine your physical things, your possessions. Are these things aligned with your core self ? Do they represent an old self to you ? Do you want to bring this into the future? Sometimes the physical act of letting go of something is the what you need for full closure.

Let Go of the Fear of the Material World

This is one of our primal fears beyond fear of death. Will i be able to survive and take care of my basic needs for me and my family ?  This fear lives at the cellular level passed down to us from our ancestors. This fear can create a constant low level anxiety and keep you from stepping forward on your purpose. For example, clinging to that job only for the pay check.  Listening  to your mind and ego  that keep you  focused on the external and  running in circles in order  to keep you from this feeling of deep insecurity. This will never work no matter how much wealth, health or relationships you possess.  This feeling is part of what it means to be human and the only way to transcend it is to face your deepest fears from the unconscious mind.  If you are interested in an 8 Week Program to release your fear of the Material World – check out Money Matter$  for the Spiritually Advanced that launches in jan 22, 2014.


Listen to the New Cycle Begins Jan. 22, 2014 (mp3) 




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