This is one of the five Yogic Sutras* for the Aquarian (Information) Age.

It is guaranteed that challenges come into your life for your spiritual growth and healing. No one is exempt ! In fact, the day you have no challenges is the day you are dead.  Every challenge, no matter how great or small, has a solution or a way through.   This solution, however, doesn’t come from the rational or logical mind. A pros and cons list will not work.

The solution will come  bubbling to the surface through your intuition. How do you know the difference between intuition and thoughts from the mind?  Intuition is neutral in energy – there is no judgment, no ’shoulds’ and no fear. Intuition is the creative energy – it is like a small soft voice in you ear.

REFLECTION: As you face a challenge in your life, take a moment and remember that there is a way through every block. Breathe long and deep for a few minutes and wait for the answer to come. Start acting from your intuition and trust that you will be guided to the next best step for you!

* A sutra is a ‘knot’. It is a complex spiritual concept reduced to one sentence and later expanded upon by a spiritual teacher. Sutras allowed sacred teachings to be protected from harm (by appearing harmless to conquerors) and were brief enough to be remembered by students in ancient times.



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