This time we are in is really interesting as we are being pressured to expand into our multidimensional self.  Multidimensional living is recognizing that you are much more than your physical body.  And now with two major Solar Flares released this week, our emotional and mental  bodies are calling for our attention. (Need a refresher on the Effects /Symptoms of Solar Flares on Humans including a link to a meditation. )

With multidimensional living, one moment you could be clearing past life karma and negative soul patterns and later that day doing your laundry and paying your bills. 

The Aquarian Age is about bringing balance to all parts of ourselves. In fact, to be HUEman is to be a balance of head and heart, earth and ether, finite and infinite, light and shadow and masculine and feminine.  

Watch Video below for more information and link to  Video Meditation to Experience Shunya – to zero mind and ego – the Perfect Still Point


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