Yogi Bhajan taught that the Aquarian Age would bring an end to secrets and lies – everyone would know everything. It is an exciting time and the internet brings with it the potential for the democratization of information. There are no more gatekeepers – anyone with access to a computer and an internet connection can upload their thoughts and opinions and access what feels like an infinite number of websites. This flood of information can be overwhelming at times and it’s challenging to discern what is True and what is not. There are so many points of view coming from every imaginable perspective.  For example, you read that a particular food has been found to give rats cancer and then, on another website, you read about that same food’s super healing capacity.

When you depend on the mind to discern what is true – it will take you into duality – batting you back and forth like a ping pong ball with arguments for and against.  The mind is not equipped to handle the flood of information coming at us.

What is Truth?

Truth is wisdom from our accumulated, lived experience. No one can take that away from us – it is written in our aura. In the Age of Aquarius, it is only through our lived experience that we will be able to serve another.   For example, if someone struggling with addiction goes to a counselor who has only read about addictions in a book and who has never truly experienced this in their life – it won’t work.  Try as they might, the words won’t penetrate. It doesn’t matter if that counselor has all the best intentions and all the best theories – there is no Truth in their aura.

Truth is a frequency of energy – it has a resonance within your being. When we say “it rings true” we mean that somewhere within, we already know it.  The Truth lights you up from inside out.  When you hear or read something that is not true – it feels off – the energy falls flat – like lead balloon.  You won’t feel like yourself when you hear something that is not true.

5 Ways to Amp up your Truth Meter

1. Regular Practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

When the Kundalini energy rises through this ancient technology, one can not be exploited. This is one of the reasons Kundalini Yoga was taught in secrecy for thousands of years – to protect the purity of these teachings. Conquerors in India discovered that they could not exploit the people practicing this yoga.

2. Don’t Rely on the Ego

Ego by its very nature is not true – it is an illusion. The unhealthy ego’s only agenda is to build itself up or break itself down. There is no power here for you.

3. Trust Your Own Knowingness

Each person has their own unique sense of knowingness. For example, some people are able to smell the truth, feel the truth or taste the truth. A very successful businessman was asked why he never failed – what was his secret? He said that he imagined digesting the proposed venture – if it gave him indigestion – he tossed it and if it sat well in his stomach – he gave it the green light. What is your sense of knowingness? Your third eye could be an ear!

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