There’s no way around it. Life is a constant flow of beginnings and endings. We humans have a way of welcoming and celebrating beginnings: births, getting the job, getting the partner, buying the home. We have a much lower opinion of endings: death, divorce, being fired.

We find something and we feel blessed. We lose something, we feel cursed. We try to clear the clutter and find our new mantra is “I might need that some day”. We stubbornly cling to people, things and stories that no longer serve us. Holding on to the past is the one of the greatest sources of suffering that humans inflict upon themselves.

One of the qualities of the Age of Aquarius (also called the Information Age) is that everything moves very fast. In order to thrive, we must learn to become flexible, agile and light – not only in our bodies, but in our minds.

10 Things you can do Right Now to Release the Past

Start on the physical – the Universe loves grand gestures !

1. Write down on pieces of paper 10 habits you want to drop – then burn them one by one.

2. Go on a Cleanse.

3. Clean out closets of old clothes etc. – look in truth at what these things represent to you.

4. Throw away old letters, pictures –  especially anything that reminds you of relationships that no longer serve you.

5. Don’t listen to thoughts that keep you in the past – stay PRESENT with yourself.

6. Be open to opportunities that help you GROW –  do something NEW and different to shake up your life.

7. It doesn’t matter who you were – it matters who you are right now!  Make choices that take you where you want to be.

8. Move your furniture around to make a different arrangement

9. Set boundaries – know that when you say NO to others you are saying Yes to yourself !

10.  FORGIVE –   the people in your past that have hurt you and especially forgive yourself knowing that you did your best with what you had.

Download Meditation to Bring Up the Past to bring Forgiveness

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