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Thanks to all who attended the Understanding Donald Trump with Shadow Astrology. It was a powerful gathering of people with a focus to heal themselves and the human collective.

Make some time and space in your mind and heart to watch this webinar. It will stir your own shadow patterns and ego so be aware of your Interior Self. If you are receptive – these teachings can change you at the cellular level.

Please Leave Your Comments Below and speak not from your Shadow but from your Eternal Self – the Truth of who you are.

Additional Notes

Donald Trump’s Highest Expression (if he chose to do his shadow work) His life’s work is to share the purity of his heart. He has the ability to discriminate between lower frequency energies rooted in fear from higher frequency energies rooted in love. He is an anchor and is here to bring stability in other people’s lives through teaching them to discriminate between love and fear. Truth and lies.

He needs solitude and to understand how everything works. He is really an artist that can express beauty through his voice. He has a intuitive sense of authenticity.

His greatest challenge is believing in the propaganda of others that promise him the light (happiness and fulfillment). In the shadow he gives his authority over to others believing they know best. It is this deep feeling of inadequacy that motivates him to look outside of himself for the answers.

This keeps him in a bubble of delusion and that  these beliefs are true. When he goes deep within to discern if these beliefs are true for him he meets with a higher ideal that he can share with the world. He builds walls around his heart keeping people at bay because he believes another person can hurt him. He is always longing for more space which is never enough. This comes from a  deep wounding in childhood.

The quickest way for him to evolve is to get out of his own self-centredness (shadow) and serve others. His true essence is  a Deep Compassion for humanity which comes through his gift of diplomacy. When he is operating from the siddhic realm he emanates peace and compassion.

He has spent many past lives alone searching for Truth. In this lifetime he fears being alone as it brings up these old traumas. When he is operating from the shadow he can talk endlessly to avoid that pain and emptiness inside him.

He needs to let go of self-righteousness in this lifetime and to learn to listen to others. His greatest wound is Immaturity which is linked to Greed. Its also in the line 2 which is denial which leads him to lash out and blame others for how he feels.

This wound pattern keeps him from knowing that he is connected all people and the earth. His  other wound can be found  relationships – he needs to balance his needs with the needs of others. His sense of self-value is linked to money and material wealth which drives him acquire more and more material possessions. Again running from this sense of inadequacy.


To Tranmute Shadow Patterns You Must Experience Them

NOTE: This is a very brief overview covering only a few of his prominent shadows. Also shadows do not move by understanding them only through the mind. You must experience them in your body and life in order to transmute them.  This is what my Shadow Mining programs are all about. The program takes you step by step to unlock each one through teachings. audios pdfs and a weekly sadhana practice.

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