Are you Feeling the Pressure?

Uranus has been pressuring you to liberate from your past conditioning for the last 7 years so that you can become your Authentic Self.

It’s now in the 29thdegree which means it’s time to close a chapter in your life. This pressure to change started in  March, 2011 when Uranus moved into the sign of Aries which represents the Warrior. This was the start of the all of the social uprisings that we now seen all around the world.

Uranus Moves into Taurus – March 6, 2019 – 2026

We are already seeing this energy on the global stage with the start of fighting for natural resources such as oil and territory. Taurus rules Mother Earth, material resources, biological survival and our sense of value.  We are going to see a lot of change in these areas – especially the climate crisis.

Uranus is in the Shadow of Chaos, the gift of Innovation and the siddhi of Innocence

The message here is to embrace change by letting go of the desire to cling to people, things or situations that are dissolving. An abundance of creativity (innovation)  is being liberated in each person if we face our fear of change. 

What area of your life do you need to let go? 

Watch my latest video as I go through Uranus in the 3rdGK through all of the signs. Make sure that you have your rising sign as well as your sun sign which I talk about in the video.

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