Uranus is the great awakener and plays an important role in our transition into the Aquarian Age.

Uranus, the great awakener, just moved into the Shadow of Chaos and the Gift of Innovation and sits there until April 2019! It is also in the sign of Taurus which is all about the planet and her resources.

Chaos Always Precedes Great Change
The Shadow of Chaos is made visible by all the Earth changes that we are seeing out in the world. Hurricanes, Typhoons and gas explosions just this week!  Also, the Schuman Resonance, the vibrational frequency of the Earth, made a dramatic spike this week.

What Does It All Mean?
What looks like Chaos, when seen from the Shadow Frequency (fear), is actually an invisible creative intelligence that is guiding us all into the Aquarian Age. Chaos leads to the unleashing of innovation that can only come from the Human Spirit.

Chaos makes us Distrust Mother Earth and Life Itself 
When we operate from the shadow (fear) we do not trust Life or Mother Earth. The shadow makes us believe that we are separate from the Earth which is not true. The chaotic weather patterns are a reflection of the Collective Unconscious. If you are sensitive and go deep inside you will feel your own mini hurricane and typhoon.

The Earth is Purifying Itself in Preparation for the Aquarian Age
The Earth is also moving through a deep transmutation for the Aquarian Age that is why certain areas of the planet have to be cleansed of lower frequency energies.

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