Venus just moved into Scorpio on Sept 23, 2016



Venus in Scorpio will be a welcome relief for those people who value honesty and getting to the root of all matters.

The Planet Venus

Venus is a personal planet and represents our deepest values. This planet rules Taurus and Libra so it is about what we value in our relationships with one another (Libra) and our own inner self-value (Taurus). Our values represent what is important to us at a deep soul level. When Venus moves into a sign, we can see it reflected in the collective of humanity. Our focus in energy and attention shifts into the qualities of that sign.

Venus in Libra

Venus has been in Libra since August 29, 2016.

When Venus is in Libra it can make people:

  • Fickle and Unable to Make Any Commitments – going back and forth in your mind but no action is taken.
  • Easily Fooled by the Illusions (Maya) and distracted by shiny things along your path. Chasing things, ideas or people that you are not seeing in Truth.
  • Compromising Your Authentic Self in Order to Appear Nice. This is when you say things just to be nice so that you keep the peace with someone else.

The origins of the word nice had a negative meaning. “The word nice, derived from Latin nescius meaning ‘ignorant’, began life in the 14th century as a term for ‘foolish’ or ‘silly’.”

Venus in Scorpio

I love Scorpio because it’s not afraid to speak the truth. I am sure the child in Hans Christian Andersen’s story The Emperor Has No Clothes was a little Scorpio.

When Venus is in Scorpio it can make people:

  • No Longer Tolerate the Deception by other people in their world. This will be interesting to see how this plays out on our collective stage.
  • Focus on the Truth. Getting to the truth of the matter will be more important than maintaining false harmony within your relationships. Scorpio is not afraid to look under the rock to uncover the nasty stuff that most people don’t want to see or even acknowledge.
  • Uncover What’s Motivating Their Behavior. Scorpio makes people natural detectives. Scorpio is like a dog with a bone – it won’t let go until you get to the very bottom of your behavior. Scorpio’s favorite word is, “Why?” “Why do I think this way?” “Why do I continually create this experience ?”

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